Conquering 13 Ubay St. Comfort Dining

Nowadays, it is not very uncommon to turn residential houses into food establishments. Among the many restaurants that came about from the same path is 13 Ubay St. Comfort Dining. This place is recognizable to those who watched ABS-CBN’s Pangako Sa’yo but putting aside the fact that it was a setting in a telenovela, what makes this place even more special is the good and truly comforting food that they serve.

On Father’s Day, my family decided to give this place a try as suggested by a friend of mine. Upon arrival, my father said that he was familiar with the place, not as a restaurant, but when it was still a printing press and residence. I learned that the grandfather of the owner is my father’s friend and we were lucky enough to be introduced to him and the mother of the restaurant’s owner.

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The place was spacious and decorated with interesting photos and souvenirs the family acquired from their travels. Although the place was packed when we arrived, the atmosphere remained welcoming and homey. They had a Father’s Day Promo Set good for four at the time: house salad, cups of rice, a choice among three mains—we decided to get the corn stuffed whole chicken, and a pitcher of iced tea. Although I thought that that would be enough, my sister decided to order two more viands. Since it was a full house, we were kept waiting for our food for some time. When it arrived, we were too hungry and I decided to just take a snap of each before my sister attacks it.

There was nothing super spectacular about the Dirty Mash with bacon but my sister and I loved its texture and how it contained bits of potatoes. We also believe that they added bechamel sauce that had a twist which made this dish a little different from the others. The serving was actually generous and enough for four of us to feast.

The Three-hour Belly came in next with its appetizing appearance. My sister described it as crispy, flavorful, and cooked to perfection. She ate most of it for a dish that could serve two people. It came with what tasted like apple cider vinegar that matched perfectly well with it.

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Corn-Stuffed Whole Chicken

I did not expect the Corn-Stuffed Whole Chicken to be as it was when served but it definitely did not disappoint! I was not entirely sure that that was a whole chicken because it was already chopped but it’s unlike any other roasted chicken I’ve had. It was somewhat similar to that of Rack’s chicken that falls off the bone but it was much more flavorful maybe because of the presence of the corn. Among the three, I give the chicken 10/10!

Of course there will always be time for dessert! We ordered their top two favorites: Ube Piaya and Tres Leches. Although I’ve encountered piaya before, I never really tried it so I was quite surprised when I had a taste of it. My sister loved it the most because of the ube on top and the scoop of vanilla ice cream. I took a slice and dipped it in the milky Tres Leches—which paired ideally. I read from the menu that it was a sponge cake with milk, cream, and condensed but it was much more firm and chewy than i expected for such kind of cake. I liked how small it was because after the mains, I had little room for dessert.

From my experience, I would truly recommend 13 Ubay St. Their menu included dishes from merged cuisines and it seems that they add twists to their version of food familiar to us. They also had a wide array of drinks from their bar that I am sure would be best enjoyed with friends after a sumptuous meal. I cannot wait to bring Jason along and try other comforting food they offer.

*Featured image credits to Bunny Morillo []


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